Spirit (Shield) Runeword

S Tier

The Spirit (Shield) runeword is created by combining the runes Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn in 4 socket Shields or Swords.

Required Runes:
  1. Tal
  2. Thul
  3. Ort
  4. Amn


Spirit Shield is the best in slot shield for many endgame builds.

Runeword Bonuses:
  • +2 To All Skills
  • +25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
  • +55% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +250 Defense Vs. Missile
  • +22 To Vitality
  • +89-112 To Mana (varies)
  • +3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)
  • Cold Resist +35%
  • Lightning Resist +35%
  • Poison Resist +35%
  • Attacker Takes Damage of 14
Recommended Bases:

  • Monarch - Doesn't drop until Hell Difficulty
  • Sacred Targe - Paladin endgame with resistance on the base item
  • Sacred Rondache - Paladin endgame with resistance on the base item
  • Low Level Paladin Shields - Paladins can utilize Spirit Shield earlier than other classes because they can roll 4 Sockets in non Elite shields
Spirit (Shield)
Tal Rune Tal
Thul Rune Thul
Ort Rune Ort
Amn Rune Amn
Required Level: 25
Base Types: Shields, Swords (4 Sockets)
Ladder Only: Yes
Patch: 1.10

*In Diablo 2 Resurrected this runeword can be made in non-ladder and single player.