Faith Runeword

B Tier End Game

The Faith runeword is created by combining the runes Ohm+Jah+Lem+Eld in 4 socket Missile Weapons.

Required Runes:
  1. Ohm
  2. Jah
  3. Lem
  4. Eld


Best option for a Bowazon due to massive damage and the attack speed added from the Fanatacism aura.

Runeword Bonuses:
  • Level 12-15 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped (varies)
  • +1-2 To All Skills (varies)
  • +330% Enhanced Damage
  • Ignore Target's Defense
  • 300% Bonus To Attack Rating
  • +75% Damage To Undead
  • +50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
  • +120 Fire Damage
  • All Resistances +15
  • 10% Reanimate As: Returned
  • 75% Extra Gold From Monsters
Recommended Bases:

Ohm Rune Ohm
Jah Rune Jah
Lem Rune Lem
Eld Rune Eld
Required Level: 65
Base Types: Missile Weapons (4 Sockets)
Ladder Only: Yes
Patch: 1.10

*In Diablo 2 Resurrected this runeword can be made in non-ladder and single player.