Smoke Runeword

A Tier Starter

The Smoke runeword is created by combining the runes Nef+Lum in 2 socket Armor.

Required Runes:
  1. Nef
  2. Lum


Smoke gives a good boost to resistances, faster hit recovery, and defense against missiles. This runeword can help out greatly when entering Hell difficulty where resistances may be lacking.

Runeword Bonuses:
  • +20% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +75% Enhanced Defense
  • +280 Defense vs. Missiles
  • +10 to Energy
  • All Resistances +50
  • -1 to Light Radius
  • Level 6 Weaken (18 charges)
Recommended Bases:

Any low strength requirement 2 Socket Armor will work.

Nef Rune Nef
Lum Rune Lum
Required Level: 37
Base Types: Armor (2 Sockets)
Ladder Only: No
Patch: Original